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Grow in Grace

Grow in Grace

We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and the solution to every life challenges (the manual of life).

Our holistic commitment is the fundamental approach with which we seek to impact the world we live in. Our hope is that it will result in spiritual growth towards maturity and promoting independent living.

We design the “Grow in Grace” program to redirect people back to God, in order to grow in grace. 

We believe individuals attending these classes will  go through a recovery phase of life, learning basic skills from a practical  Biblical perceptive.

  1. Discipleship
    Helping others to grow to maturity in their faith through teaching and exercising the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Caring for each other
    Demonstrating to others the kindness of Jesus, which is a Gift of His Spirit, and ministering to the needs of those in the local church (e.g. sharing possessions, caring for the sick, visiting those living alone).
  3. Resisting the unseen evil powers
    We believe that ‘the devil is busy’; some people are held directly by evil powers which exploit them or by demons that possess them, others are held by sickness and the dread of death, others by the unjust structures that have evil powers controlling them. We need to resist the devil, through the power of Jesus Christ, and believe that the devil will flee from us as we pray for God to intervene. We believe that God will bring about His purposes.
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