Volunteer & Donations

Volunteer and Participating

It can be a rewarding and a useful life experience taking up a role in a way you have not imagined by being a volunteer.

No matter your background, you are always welcome to make an impact in our organization to participate in creating a brighter future in every community we are serving. We welcome volunteers who come with their skills with open mind and heart with the desire to service in Am Healed.

Volunteers supports our goal of enhancing the well-being of children even the ones in the orphanage homes which we support through our community outreach programs. Volunteers bring in specialized skills, love, and individual attention by their participation in “Am Healed community life” as examples to the children, motivation to the youths in reaching their potentials and promoting intercultural exchange and understanding.

Donation or Fundraise

Our lofty goals will practically be realized with the help you are sending our way. As we devote our attention passionately in taking care of the most sensitive and peculiar needs of those in penury, your donation will go a long way in providing aid, food, clean water and medical supports.

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