We are God’s Light

Worship & Prayer


Prayer honors God as the source of all blessing and in Am Healed prayer is one of the pivotal role of our activities in accordance to the scripture in 1 Thessalonians 5:17.  “Pray continually,”

Saying “I believe” means we care enough to do something as a result of our belief. Thus, the first thing we do in Am Healed in our intercession prayer meetings is pray—for our world, the Nations, the church and other people.

One person may pray for us, but we are all praying together as one in our hearts, spirits and souls, continuing Christ’s ministry of prayer for the world


Is the act of attributing reference to God, surrending to the Lordship of Jesus and in total submission and homage to the source of our strength and our aliveness in God, the Creator of all; Jesus Christ, the divine and eternal Word; and the Spirit which binds us all together as brothers and sisters yoked in Christ.

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